BusDriver allows users to link their GIS cloud account to other services and fully automate tasks in GIS cloud. Data can be created, transformed, linked or updated these are on a schedule or in response to use a requests (i.e. click of a button). This is similar to Microsoft flow or Xavier but is targeted at you GIS data flows rather than email passing or document approved workflows. This can help provide a “smarter” map for GIS Cloud without needing to do custom development work.


  • Connect to GIS cloud via customer’s GIS cloud account;

  • Connect to other third-party software services like email clients, Google Drive etc;

  • Or SaaS solutions;

  • Tasks can be triggered on demand, via schedule or via secure API key;

  • Spatial and non-spatial data actions are supported.

How will our product 

change your business?

  • Self service, consultant fees are optional;

  • No hosting or additional costs, only the fee to subscribe to the service;

  • Allows the synchronising of photos from GIS cCoud to Google Drive for easier look up;

  • Allows map features to be updated in response to other changes in the map;

  • Email notification in response to changes in maps;

  • Allows simple data workflows like regular archiving of features.

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