DENIS (Designing Networks with Integrity System) is a data validation and network integrity tool for linear networked assets. Utilizing open source GIS libraries and software, DENIS has been built using Python, PostGIS, SQLALchemy, NetworkX and QGIS.

​• PostGIS provides us with a best-in-class GIS native datastore 

• SQLAlchemy abstracts database interaction – with some modification for GIS functionality 

• NetworkX aids us with graph querying

• QGIS, through our own plug-in, provides the interface to core GIS user tools.


The DENIS engine has been built using: 

• The multi-axis graph network model (MAGNM) representation 

• the concept of temporary ownership of GIS data and

• Active validation of data rules.


Conceptually MAGNM takes the data and represents each kind of data relationship as its own independent graph (i.e. axis of relationship). DENIS assumes that the GIS data will not be retained indefinitely. Therefore, all imported data, even if incorrect or invalid, is preserved until a user updates it.

How will our product CHANGE your business?

No matter what GIS platform you might have, DENIS validates your linear networks so you can be confident it is an accurate representation of the real world. This means you reduce construction and maintenance costs because your crews have all the correct information when they head into the field. You will also save costs through more efficient work scheduling. Your design tasks can also be automated in DENIS, reducing time and creating more accurate and consistent designs.

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