GIS Cloud with Powerapps integration

This is a basket of mini products that allow the office 365 power automate platform to interact with data hosted on GIS cloud. There are two key components …

  • The MapViewer component which allows a user to embed an interactive map within a Canvas app; and

  • A GIS Cloud connector representing the REST API operations defined using swagger 2.0



  • Interactive map, (pan, zoom, measure, snap to point i.e. GPS)

  • Select features and report to PowerApps framework;

  • PowerApps can set the selected feature;

  • Show a pop-up with feature attributes when clicked;

  • Panning the map dynamically reports the map bounds to PowerApps framework for using spatial filtering queries (i.e. get features visible on the screen);

  • PowerApps can set map initialisation bounds.

  • Custom GIS Cloud connector implementing these REST features

  • Map get/update/thumbnail;

  • Layers get/update;

  • Feature get/update/create (custom work to handle dynamic feature schema);

  • Tables get/update/create;

  • Rows get/update/create; and

  • Files download/upload (pending shared map upload).

How will our product 

change your business?

  • Integration with Microsoft office 365 platform;

  • Custom workflows (i.e. start of day safety toolbox, multiple child records, multiple inspections over time);

  • Extra features MDC lacks

    • Signature capture;

    • Annotating images;

    • Custom media types (i.e. PDF)

  • No requirement to host your own special database (GIS cloud provides SaaS);

  • Relationships between features can be handled;

  • Monthly scalable user costs; and

  • Can still use GIS Cloud’s desktop editor so no need for extra GIS software

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