Their problem? Solved.

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design rule amendments 

the problem.

NBN Co is the government-owned company constructing Australia’s national broadband network. In utilising a number of design and construction partners, NBN develop comprehensive design rules for ensuring consistency and quality of the network.


In undertaking data quality and design validation checks of fibre network designs from an overseas design partner, Spatial Partners discovered the NBN design rules were resulting in excessive and unnecessary construction work.

Our solution

Our solution was to undertake an analysis of the impact of a non-critical design rule across an entire suburb. Our analysis was undertaken using our own product DENIS together with FME.


The result was the identification of $600,000 worth of unnecessary construction in just one suburb. This represented an unnecessary cost of $1000 per premise. Quantifying the impact enabled negotiations between the construction partner and NBN which resulted in a change to the design requirements leading to considerable savings for NBN and other construction partners.