Spatial Partners proprietary products.

We have developed a range of bespoke products that integrate powerful GIS technology. When you need something beyond 'off-the-shelf' talk to us about our products, or how we can customise an existing product to meet your requirements. 


HandyGeo Services host a range of self-service products allowing users to augment the use of other popular products. 


This product is for users who want access to handy geospatial tools and data sets but don't want to bear the cost of maintaining these themselves.


HandyGeo is a pay-as-you-use service.

GIS Cloud + Powerapps integration

This is a basket of mini-products that allow the Office 365 Power Automate platform to interact with data hosted on GIS Cloud. 

Ideal for

This product is for users who want to use the simplicity and reliability of GIS Cloud and at the same time complete inspections and capture data straight into MS PowerApps or Dynamics.


FeatureDocs allows a user to select a GIS Cloud map layer and turn all the features into a set of documents based on a simple template using a mail-merge style 'find' and 'replace' of named attributes.  

ideal for

This product is ideal for preparing inspection and works reports automatically and populating documents with predetermined format. Go out into the field and complete inspections, and have the reports ready by the time you get back into the office - in the format required, including photos.


The Data Network Integration System, or DENIS, is a computational platform to facilitate solving complex data problems involving networks.  

ideal for

This product is ideal for any data set/s representing linear networked assets (like pipes, wires, rails, etc.). It's perfect for Electricity, Water and Telco utilities. Validate your network data with DENIS and then use DENIS to optimise your maintenance and construction work.


BusDriver allows users to link their GIS Cloud account to other services and fully automate tasks in GIS Cloud. Data can be created, transformed, linked or updated these are on a schedule or in response to use a requests. 

ideal for

This product is ideal for GIS Cloud users who need to maintain versions of data over time. Perfect for local government, where trees are inspected every year and the history of inspection and work undertaken needs to be available and updated in the field.

FME server 'pay-per-compute hosting'

Can't justify purchasing FME yet? We can give you full access to FME server for just the time you need it. This means you only pay for FME while you're using it. 

ideal for

Great for users who are only using FME from time-to-time and not every day. Purchasing FME server can be expensive, under this service you only pay for what you use.

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