Their problem? Solved.

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the problem.

Our client, Fulton Hogan, is a major construction partner for the construction of Australia’s national broadband network.


Prior to any construction work, a DBYD request must be made for each construction site. However, the DBYD service responds only to queries that are very site-specific whereas Fulton Hogan construction crews are working on large areas equivalent a whole suburb.

Our solution

Our solution was to create a micro-integration between Fulton Hogan’s GIS and the DBYD service to generate and submit multiple DBYD requests across the entire construction area.


The result was a “single click” solution, freeing up personnel to work on other pressing tasks and, at the same time, providing clear and comprehensive information on existing utility assets across the construction area. As DBYD requests were often on the critical path for construction completion, the elapsed time of the construction work was also compressed.