Your problem-solving partner.

When you have a complicated geospatial or data challenge, our team will diagnose, interpret and expertly solve, taking you along every step. We have off-the-shelf and bespoke products and services for any problem. 

While we specialise in geospatial data, we can advise and support you with any data challenge. Whether it be a data capture or quality issue, conversion or automation, we are highly skilled at developing the outcome you need while driving your costs down.   

GIS Cloud logo Spatial Partners support for Aus and NZ

GIS Cloud product support for Australian and New Zealand

GIS Cloud is a collaborative mapping solution for field data collection, map editing and sharing and data and team management. Spatial Partners are the chosen support partner for GIS Cloud in Australia & New Zealand.  

Who do we help?

We work with a diverse range of industries who require specialised spatial expertise.


While local government, engineering and construction and utilities providers are our main partners, we have products and solutions to simplify and streamline data processes for any small or large organisations. 

How we help.

We are not wedded to particular technology and our developers are all experts in a wide variety of geospatial tools. We also utilise several data analytics tools.


In addition, we have developed some special tools of our own to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

At Spatial Partners we have deep yet broad expertise in designing and solving-problems.


We have designed a range of proprietary tech products that address specific challenges across different industries.   

Whether you have a specific challenge or project, or just need some geospatial or data management advice - we are available for strategy development, consulting and training, and outsourced design and implementation solutions.