Who Spatial Partners works with.

At Spatial Partners, we work well with clients from industries who have complicated geospatial requirements. 

Government departments.

Government agencies at Local, State and Federal level increasingly need spatial analysis and location-aware solutions to efficiently carry out their responsibilities.


We have the experience and product knowledge to deliver value-for-money solutions.

Today's construction managers need access to up-to-date data in the field and access to information normally only available back at the office. As engineers ourselves, we understand how to provide the right tools and solutions to facilitate cost efficiencies and timely results.

Engineering & construction.

Utilities providers.

Maintaining networked assets is key to the performance of utilities for gas, water, electricity, sewerage and telecoms.


We have developed solutions for ensuring single truck rolls to fix outages and repair assets. The crew take with them all they need to know about what to do and how to do it.

At Spatial Partners, we work with many other types of organisations, in many different industries, to maximise skill availability. If we don't have the resources available to help you right now, our network certainly will.

Need our skills?

Their problems? Solved.

We are at home in Melbourne and Bendigo but work with clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

Spatial Partners is a specialist spatial technology and data automation agency. We define and design solutions to complex data challenges for government, engineers and utilities providers.

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