We are your specialist geospatial data


We interpret and solve with purpose, then create with skill. We discover and deliver full solutions (not just products) for any complicated data challenge. We are your problem-solving partner, and we thrive on complexity. 

What we do best.

Bespoke spatial technology and data tools

Geospatial problem solving & strategic advice

GIS Cloud support for Australia & NZ

Why choose Spatial Partners?


We are comfortable solving problems without clear solutions. In fact, the more complex your data challenges, the happier our team.



We work with you to enable your business systems to talk to each other instead of providing you with yet another system to manage.

This seamless integration is an efficient way to streamline your technology stack.


Some companies get good at solving a specific set of problems in a specific set of ways.

We've become really good at solving lots of different problems in lots of different ways.

Who we've helped.

Spatial Partner's client Fulton Hogan logo

Working with Fulton Hogan, we created a single-sign-on solution for their Dial Before You Dig tool. This development saved time, money and created a seamless process. 

Who we work with.

Government departments 

Engineering & construction

Utilities providers

How can we help your organisation?

Schedule a call with us to discuss your current data challenges or spatial requirements. We'll uncover what your needs are and work with you to customise a way forward.

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